Living Hinge Engraved Wooden Photo Albums


For a limited time only, these unique photo albums can be personalized AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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This one-of-a-kind, beautifully engraved wooden-cover photo album is cut from a single piece of wood, elegently finished and artistically cut into what´s called a “living hinge” that enables it to bend and close like a book. This album features Sn@p photo pages (Pocket Pages), so additional pages and other Sn@p elements can easily be added. Photo pages are fixed with screw-on posts under an attractive wooden guide (cut from the same piece of wood as the album cover), so pages can easily be added, removed or rearranged. This unique product will instantly become a family treasure.

Choose from two elegant album cover designs:

  • Family is where life begins and LOVE never ends
  • Family   Forever, For always …… and no matter what


Both designs can be personalized on the front cover with the family name, personal message or other text.

Also, the inside front cover can be discretely personalized with the giftgiver’s corporate name or with a special message, favorite poem or other text.



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